Consign To Oblivion

Consign To Oblivion
  1. Hunab K'u ("A New Age Dawns" prologue)
  2. Dance Of fate
  3. The Last Crusade("A New Age Dawns" #1)
  4. Solitary Ground
  5. Blank Infinity
  6. Force of the Shore
  7. Quietus
  8. Mother of Light ("A New Age Dawns" #2)
  9. Trois Vierges (Featuring Roy Khan (Kamelot)
  10. Another Me "In Lack'ech"
  11. Consign to Oblivion ("A New Age Dawns" #3)

Hunab K'u

Numquam remotiores ab origine
Media parte mundi
Funditus aberramus

Ultimim excidium sui

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Dance of Fate

When darkness will reign and blind us all
Allegiance will bind us if we do not fall

We cannot tell when morning comes
Is there a choice to live another day?
It's hard to find a new direction in your fragile life

The precious time of your existence is now to come
Don't throw your life away by cheating time
Sugared placebos only fool your mind

Now I want the water to wash away all my sins
The wind to blow away my thought without meaning
The fire to burn away my thickened skin

Novas portas pandimus

What is the space, the type of dance? I cannot tell which steps I have to take
I'd like to leave, just run away
My feet are tangled up

So hard to face the pace of the clock
What do you think; will it ever stop?
So, will I fall and not get up? I take it all in stride

Everything has a reason for its happening
Can't you tell it's your own spell and
Everyone has to dance his dance like anyone
Can't break free of destiny

We should open new doors
and close the ones that we've left behind

Novas portas pandimus, et post nos occludimus
Novas portas pandimus, et post nos occludimus

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The Last Crusade

Magna cupla nostra
Poena danda nobis erit
Usque ad finem dierum

Ad finem temporum

You can't force yourself upon me
And you never will
You can't keep digging in
Desecreted graves

No more innocence left to spill

Don't be afraid, participate and
Just give us all your trust
Your soul will be saved
Just honour me, I'll set you free so
Get ready to join the
Very last crusade

You can't get away with your crimes
And you never will
For you'll have to pay the price
And this time is near

No more innocence left to kill

Get ready to taste the
Final victory

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Solitary Ground

Living at different places
Evading into various spaces
My compass has broken, I'm losing the way
An ongoing madness has led me astray

My past breathes down my neck
And it seems now that all I can do is
Go back to beginnings when all lay ahead
A fading illusion now plagues me instead

in me there's still a place that fulfils me
A sanctity here that I call home, I run to
When winter descends
If I try, can I find solid ground

I follow elusive paths
Oh it seems they've been written in stone
And the door to a new life is closing so fast
Burning the bridges will not bring me back

I know that in me there's still a place that fulfils me
A sanctity here that I call home, I run to
When winter descends
If I try, can I find solid ground
Or am I just wasting time?

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Blank Infinity

Trying to keep myself afloat upon the stream
But a thought is pulling me down
Pulling me all the way down

We are wandering towards a blank infinity
And extinguishing will now be the only way
To diminish your sins
This vortex can't be filled up again
A hole in space and time

Do you cry to the heavens high
When you're confined in here?
Do you not ever wonder
Why these leaden tears will never dry?
They'll leave behind so many shadows in my mind

High in the sky, all of the clouds are passing by
Wait for the storm, wait for the rain
And wait for the tears to fall down on me

Do you cry to the heavens high
When you're confined in here?
Do you not ever wonder
Why these leaden tears will never dry?
They'll leave behind so many shadows
Living in me, living in all the memories in my life

Do you wonder why
These tears never dry
Time forced into life
Living in my mind

Can we ever find a way in this labyrinth without end?

Labyrinth has no end

Which turn should I take?
Left or right?
Should I stay?
Should I be the one?

Lost inside blank infinity

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Force of the Shore

Appearance is deceptive
So perfect in disguise
There's more than what you see

A semblance is protective
A blinder for the eyes
A place to hide and flee

Flee and you'll never see
What you're going to be
If you throw away the key

The truth from the past you can't make it last

Flee and walk away
From what you are this day
If you are afraid to stay

Beyond the shore the sea is filled up
With sentiment and strength
Here lie the thoughts imprisoned
A field of forces and laments

How can we hide here
We need to change our ways
How can we tell lies here
We turn our eyes away

From the truth
From the past
You cannot
Make it last

If you do not cease to run away from truth
You shall never see the shadow
Of your dying youth

A façade is what we all possess
But on the inside it stays a mess

Superficial changes won't recall the past
Don't deny the clock is ticking
And it's racing fast

Fading tokens of our latter days
Make us think we need to change our ways

Deep, the feelings hide
They're wasted from within
And my shell will never break

Appearance is deceptive
So perfect in disguise
A place to flee and run away
Lift the shadow

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The culprit, you act before thinking
Caught in your ignorant sin
And lying to your own reflection
You thought you could hide

Deprived of my own innocence, denied

The infinity of recurring torment, your comeuppance

See, hear the torture inside
Devouring what was left of my pride
You thought it's not going to happen to you
Thought you could hide

The infinity of recurring torment, your comeuppance
Dwelling in a mind, mixed up and
Your regret has spread over the sea

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Mother of Light

It always put me on the edge
To think of all the poilt lives
Today I'm one step further
Not sure if I've survived myself

Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction
Whatever happens in my dreams
I know it can be worse than this
So I prefer to sleep

I am searching
-Without vision-
For the answers in the dirt

I am waiting
-Just for nothing-
For the day that I'll be heard

You're the sea in which I'm floating
And I lose myself in you
I am feeling these sensations
I communicate with you

I am looking
-Without vision-
For a different kind of way

I am thinking
-Just for nothing-
About that specific day

You're the night so you're the dark side
Of the day you'll never see
You're the past but everlasting
Can you share one day with me?

You're the hand that I rejected
But I can't forgive myself
I am selfish and not worthy
To think of, even to die for

Tomorrow, don't know where I'll be
I need some place to go now
So do you know the way I feel
Or shall I give up my belief?

You're the lock I never opened
'Cause I threw away the key

I'm enclosed within my own thoughts
That will never set me free<

You're the question to the answer
And without there'll never be
Any thought in this direction
You've created this in me

Serenity is taking over all I am, It gives me peace
And all I see are visions of my destiny
Why should I bleed and pay for others' greed?

We consciously sign our own sentence of death
How can you go on, did you forget
What we have learnt from the past?
We can't go on killing ourselves
And with us all the rest
Why can't you see, don't you regret?<

I am alone with all my thoughts
Alone without a hope and
I lost the thing I needed most
I feel I can't survive this fall

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Trois Vierges

Featuring Roy Khan (Kamelot), For the movie 'Joyride'

Memory, Fading out
Its presence still lingers in my mind
Listen to you inner voice
There's no escape, there's no other choice

A foolish fate that came about
Death could not leave without
Don't try to scour your inane soul
It would be labour lost

Deep inside hides a lie
Where can we try to seek
A way so this will die

Innocence died when they took his mind
And they tried to leave him behind
Not even a cascade of tears will save you
And keep you away from harm

Concinnity of destiny
Is not what you wished it to be

Blinded by love
Between lust and hate
You scarred your fate
There's no time to waste<

Ride for your own ruin
Odium became your opium

Please don't let me bleed for all eternity

Please leave me be in my own misery

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Another Me "In Lack'ech"

If you search for enrichment
And injure others
Earning more than you can spend
You'll pass the borders

When you think you've succeeded
But something's missing
Means you have been defeated
By greed, your weakness

This fantasy is not enough for me
I want it, I'll take it away from you
Your misery that softly incites me
All I do is using, abusing you

Life is often miserable
In the search for happiness
The power so desirable
They bring so much distress

Life is often pitiful
In the search for blessedness
If we weren't so insatiable
There would be much more than less

I cannot see why you'd be another me

I just take care of myself, and no one else

Life is often cynical
In the search for hopefulness
We're only wanting more and more
So we got into this mess

All that you've taken from others
Will be taken from you
All that you dissonance smothers
Will then come back to you
Whatever happens tomorrow, and whatever you do
Just keep in mind that the source and end is you

In Lack'ech

Never finding fulfilment, the source and end is you

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Consign to Oblivion

How can we let this happen and
Just keep our eyes closed 'till the end

The only thing that counts is the prosperity of today
Most important to us is that our bills get paid

Our good intentions have always been delayed

How can we let this happen and
Just keep our eyes closed 'till the end
When we will stand in front of heaven's gate
It will be too late!

Try to unlearn all that you've learnt
Try to listen to your heart
No, we can't understand the universe
By just using our mind
We are so afraid of all the things unknown

A must we appease is the lust to get laid
Nothing really matters, just devouring our prey

Our good intentions have always been delayed so
Our generous acts have always come too late

We are so afraid of all the things unknown
We just flee into a dream that never comes true

Low to the ground we feel safe
Low to the ground we feel brave

Oblivisci tempta qoud didicisti

Open your eyes; we're not in paradise
How can't you see, this stress is killing me
Fulfil your dreams, life is not what it seems
We have captured time
so time made us all hostages without mercy

Seemingly generous fooling ourselves

Selfishly venomous time tells

Too much thinking goes at the cost of all our intuïtion
Our thoughts create reality
But we neglect to be!
So we're already slaves of our atificial world
We shouldn't try to control time
but listen to the laws of nature

We all think we're generous
But we only fool ourselves
The only thing that matters is
our way and our vision

Selfishly we're venomous
But you know the time tells us
There is more to life than our
Higher positions, race for perfection
Better, faster
We must return to the laws of nature
Free ourselves from madness

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