Interview with Simone by

Neo Revma, the promoters of the two upcoming EPICA concert in Greece, have conducted the band’s frontwoman, Simone Simons and asked some questions regarding her health status. Read the following excerpts:

Question: Hey Simone, how are you? How is your recovery going?
Simone: I am doing much better now, thank you. I was totally exhausted and on top of that I lost my voice because of a flue.

Question: You have begun your tour in September, how were the responses you got from the audience so far?
Simone: Our fans really like the new songs when we play them live. They are a bit heavier than our older songs and that is perfect for a live show. People can really have a good time and feel the energy in our music.

Question: In December you will be visiting our country for two shows one in Thessaloniki and the other in Athens. What memories do you have of Greece?
Simone: I love Greece, I have been there on a holiday some time ago. Before I came to Greece with EPICA I have played there with KAMELOT. The Greek fans were asking me when EPICA was coming over. I am happy to go back to Greece, the people are kind and it is a beautiful country.

Question: What was your impression of ’March Metal Day’ festival where EPICA appeared on stage for the first time in Greece?
Simone: We were all amazed that the fans could sing along with some of our songs. That is always great when that happens. Let’s see if they know the new songs now ;)

Question: Do you want to say something to your Greek fans?
Simone: After my recovery we are more than ready to give two fuckin’great shows in Greece. Be there …x