Interview with Mark Jansen by Eternal Silence (Epica Website Argentina), March 2009

Once again, we had the amazing opportunity to interview Mark Jansen! This time, we talked about their future releases and plans for this 2009. Enjoy! :)

First of all, thanks for taking your time. We would like to thank you all for adding us to the fansites links on, really!.
Mark: You're very welcome!

Let's start with the interview itself.. Some weeks ago you announced that you were part of the Jägermeister program. How did you get in contact? What kind of projects does this program mainly feature?
Mark: The program is already active for some years in the USA with bands like Slayer and Slipknot. So when Jagermeister announced to start the program in the Netherlands too, we were the first band to get in touch with them and we worked it out to a deal. For both sides this is a good opportunity, we get some support for projects and they have an established name in their program.

So, let's talk about the main subject of this interview: the new album. How is it going? How does Ad's departure affect, and how does the new member, Isaac?
Mark: Ad's departure was not easy, he is a guy who worked hard for Epica. So when he left we had to fill in many gaps. But fortunately we could get our #1 choice: Isaac. Some other tasks of Ad we spread over the other bandmembers. The new album is going very well, I think it's gonna be the album with the best sound so far and the most strong songs. I'm very happy so far and we worked very very hard on this one.

Also, we've heard (on your Royal Club site) that this album is going to be very experimental... could you please tell us something about that?
Mark: I can say that it's not. Coen made a joke on Royal Artist Club that it's gonna sound experimental and many people took it serious ;-) It's gonna sound typical Epica but with more space for guitarwork.

Just like Roy did on Trois Vierges and Sander on Death of a Dream; Are you going to have any guest(s) for this album?
Mark: Absolutely, but we cannot reveal the name yet :P

Now that "The Embrace That Smothers" concept was finished on the previous album, what can we expect from this album, both lyric and music wise?
Mark: This album is going to be in the vain of the Consign to Oblivion album, lyricwise (not music wise), it's about the financial crisis, about nature, near death experiences and the road towards 2012 [note: this refers to the general concept on Consign to Oblivion -the "A New Age Dawns" concept, mainly- which deals about Mayan culture and their legends about 2012.].

Maybe it's quite early to ask this, but anyway; when will you *approximately* release this album and/or the first single, if you release one?
Mark: The album will be released in September/October 2009. May the 8th we'll release the Classical Conspiracy album.

Are you going to do something in special about the copy-controls, so the album doesn't leak as early as The Divine Conspiracy?
Mark: Every album gets an unique code so if the album leaks we can see exactly who did it. Normally it witholds people from putting it online. Unfortunately someone still did it with our album The Divine Conspiracy, just a matter of bad luck. This magazine will never get any cd from any Nuclear Blast release anymore.

The Classical Conspiracy will be released soon, and also we'll hear your cover of a Heideroosjes song in June. What can you tell us from those releases? What expectations do you have from all this material?
Mark: The classical Conspiracy is in my opinion a great piece of work. It's hard to judge your own work but this project was so intensive, we put all our energy in it and it sounds simply massive. Sascha Paeth did an amazing job! About De Heideroosjes song, they approached us to cover a song of them for their new album. Many bands cover on that album a song of them, as we respect Heideroosjes a lot we accepted the offer and covered a song. That's the only thing that sounds really experimental haha :)

A few months ago you were in Latin America, again. What impression/feelings did you have after this tour?
Mark: Playing in south america is the best for a band. The crowd is simply amazing and the atmosphere is magic! We want to go as soon as possible again to South America. So we were very happy about this last tour, the reactions were good and everybody was happy. What else do we wish for? :)

What expectations do you have from the first tour of this year, the European Summer Festivals Tour 2009? Because also you're playing for the very first time in Wacken!
Mark: Wacken Yes! another dream comes true. Also Graspop, Summer Breeze, Gods of Metal, Hellfest are among the biggest metalfests. It's gonna be a hot summer! For sure :)

What are your plans after that tour? Are you thinking of coming back to Latin America soon?
Mark: Yes, we are looking at possibilities to come back. It will be 2010 probably but we'll come back!

And last but not least, could you please say something to us and all our visitors? =)
Mark: Thanks for the support, our fans are the most important for us. Without you people we wouldn't enjoy our work. You make it worth traveling around and being from home from long periods!!!!

Thanks again, Mark! We can't wait for all the Epica releases that we'll be able to enjoy this year!
Mark: Thank you too for the good work!