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Ad Sluijter

Ad Sluijter

Date of birth:


I'm a teacher in mathematics

Musical background:
I started playing the guitar when I was 12. At the age of 16 I started playing in my first band called Tremor (later Cassiopeia). I played on their demo Eye Of Time and did a mini tour with them. One and a half year later I decided to leave them because they were heading for a new musical direction I did not feel comfortable with. Not long after that I came in touch with Mark. I played as a guest musician with After Forever at the Eurorock festival in 2000 in Belgium, which was great of course. After that Mark and I decided to write some music together as a side project for After Forever. Since we were both very fond of film music the music we wrote could best be described as just that. After his departure from After Forever he asked me to be part of his new band band so here I am;-)

Favourite bands:
Depeche Mode
Paradise Lost

Favourite musicians:
Martin Gore
Dave Gahan
Hans Zimmer
Bill Steer
Michael and Christopher Amott
Thomas Haake
Richart Christy
Jason Becker
John Petrucci

Favourite albums:
Gladiator soundtrack The Last Of The Mohicans soundtrack Crimson Tide soundtrack Carcass "Heartwork & Necrotisism", "Descanting The Insalobrious"
Paradise Lost "Host", "Symbol Of Life"
Clannad "Lore"
All the Depeche Mode albums

Favourite movies:
The Last Of The Mohicans
The Green Mile
Shawshank Redemption
American History X

Gibson Les Paul Standard USA (black finish)
Epiphone Les Paul Custom (black finish)
Epiphone Les Paul Standard USA (quilted saple transparant red finish)
Ibanez RG 520 (quilted saple transparant blue finish)
Ibanez RG 320 (black pearl finish)
Mesa Boogie TriAxis pre-amp*
Mesa Boogie 50/50 power amp*
Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2*12 inch cabinet*
Mesa Boogie Abacus footswitch*
T.C. Electronics G-Major effects processor*
Furman PL - Pro/E power conditioner*
Sennheiser wireless system*
Sennheiser E906 mic*
(* all built in to a customized rack by Paul Lenders
Dunlop Tortex & Jazz II pics
Sennheiser in ear monitoring

Taken from Epica Online